Posted on: June 25, 2010

Note: Those who haven’t watched the movie needn’t back off fearing you might happen to know the story plot beforehand because I haven’t actually briefed the plot at all.

      If a person renowned for giving his everything, whenever he chooses to give, happens to miss something – though the existing many things are more than enough to prove the worth of what he is known for – people remember only that missed “something” and often fail to appreciate the “many things”. This is absolutely the same thing that is happening to Maniratnam after the release of his much awaited Raavanan.

     I saw the movie on the second day and since then I’m encountering so many forms of mixed reviews. I came out of the movie hall really with a great deal of satisfaction though I felt like the movie had lost its pace in few occasions especially towards the end of first half. Till this morning I was reading some reviews of the movie – few went on to praise that Mani had come up with yet another impeccable masterpiece and few others lambasted it.

     No one who watched the movie couldn’t deny that it’s an impeccable one. No movie is flawless, anyway. Why should we focus just on the flaws when there are umpteen things that would take your breath away? We know that the story is a modern day interpretation of Ramayana and none couldn’t be aware of the story the epic is dealing with. So, what makes us to complain that the movie proceeds without any unexpected twists and turns?

     Yes, the characterization could have been done still better considering the kind of genius that Maniratnam is, in the aspect. Indeed, Mani seems to have missed a point here. And, still, Mani has slightly fallen short in portraying the love blossoming between Aishwarya and Vikram, which would make a key difference in the climax. There is absolutely no reason why we should dwell too much into these minor – yet, critical – flaws when the cinematography, showcasing astounding brilliance, makes us spellbound and the majuscule background music blow our brains away. 

     Songs, for sure, have been wasted except the two songs of celebration. Though, I loved the way “usurae poguthae” has been picturised, I seriously am unable to fathom why in the hell does the song pop out all of the sudden when everyone would be expecting for some other thing to happen. Probably, Mani is trying to depict the love bearing seeds when Vikram happens to see Aish in those gloomy and glamorous circumstances.

     I wonder, if I have got any words to eulogize Vikram’s acting. Probably, I may run out off superlatives if I start to do so. Boy, he fits the bill so very perfectly that even before the first half ended I decided not to watch the Hindi version even once considering the kind of great acting skills that Abhishek has got.

     So, on the whole, if you think that the movie connoisseur in you hasn’t died yet even after watching the mundane Sura’s and Asal’s and you belong to a category that would appreciate every earnest attempt taken though it might not be as impeccable as everyone would wish, then you may prefer to watch this movie! If not, just be glued to your seats reading one reviews after another!!


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