Posted on: June 25, 2010

Note: Those who haven’t watched the movie needn’t back off fearing you might happen to know the story plot beforehand because I haven’t actually briefed the plot at all.

      If a person renowned for giving his everything, whenever he chooses to give, happens to miss something – though the existing many things are more than enough to prove the worth of what he is known for – people remember only that missed “something” and often fail to appreciate the “many things”. This is absolutely the same thing that is happening to Maniratnam after the release of his much awaited Raavanan.

     I saw the movie on the second day and since then I’m encountering so many forms of mixed reviews. I came out of the movie hall really with a great deal of satisfaction though I felt like the movie had lost its pace in few occasions especially towards the end of first half. Till this morning I was reading some reviews of the movie – few went on to praise that Mani had come up with yet another impeccable masterpiece and few others lambasted it.

     No one who watched the movie couldn’t deny that it’s an impeccable one. No movie is flawless, anyway. Why should we focus just on the flaws when there are umpteen things that would take your breath away? We know that the story is a modern day interpretation of Ramayana and none couldn’t be aware of the story the epic is dealing with. So, what makes us to complain that the movie proceeds without any unexpected twists and turns?

     Yes, the characterization could have been done still better considering the kind of genius that Maniratnam is, in the aspect. Indeed, Mani seems to have missed a point here. And, still, Mani has slightly fallen short in portraying the love blossoming between Aishwarya and Vikram, which would make a key difference in the climax. There is absolutely no reason why we should dwell too much into these minor – yet, critical – flaws when the cinematography, showcasing astounding brilliance, makes us spellbound and the majuscule background music blow our brains away. 

     Songs, for sure, have been wasted except the two songs of celebration. Though, I loved the way “usurae poguthae” has been picturised, I seriously am unable to fathom why in the hell does the song pop out all of the sudden when everyone would be expecting for some other thing to happen. Probably, Mani is trying to depict the love bearing seeds when Vikram happens to see Aish in those gloomy and glamorous circumstances.

     I wonder, if I have got any words to eulogize Vikram’s acting. Probably, I may run out off superlatives if I start to do so. Boy, he fits the bill so very perfectly that even before the first half ended I decided not to watch the Hindi version even once considering the kind of great acting skills that Abhishek has got.

     So, on the whole, if you think that the movie connoisseur in you hasn’t died yet even after watching the mundane Sura’s and Asal’s and you belong to a category that would appreciate every earnest attempt taken though it might not be as impeccable as everyone would wish, then you may prefer to watch this movie! If not, just be glued to your seats reading one reviews after another!!


It is going to be almost a year since I posted something here in my blog. There are umpteen reasons which one could attribute to my state of quiescence for such a long period of time! But, frankly, the primary reason is that I was not given access to surf external blogs by sitting inside my official cubicle, let alone post something. Thankfully, Google Reader helped me to abstain from losing contact with the external blogs though I wouldn’t be able to post my so-called valuable comments and write-ups! So, no owner of the blogs that I follow often ever knows that I’m still following them. Moreover, I suppose, I would probably have lost most of my genuine followers by now 😦

But, giving-up something is not Doohickey’s attribute, does it? 😛 So, now I’m back with a bang with a much more resolute motif to post something every week – at the least – which could range anything from crap to a highest degree of intellect.

Keep watching this space…

Doohickey… It was the result of my exploration for some days…err hours.. to finding out some half-baked name to post some screw-balled twirps of mine! 😀 So, I assure you people, from hereon, Doohickey will cerebrate once in two weeks, at the least! 🙂 *clap clap* By the way, if you think you have a brain – the one that every human supposedly should have – which is unusually large and not even a single modestly long funny bone then you are allowed to click the Crossed Red Button which you could probably find somewhere at the top of this page! 😉

This section will have some irrelevant, insane, and sometimes brainy incertitudes which a normal earthling may not find easy to give a one-shot answer! *read again, normal earthling* 😆

a) Few factors which decide the sensex rise and fall…

1. Yawns of Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee!

2. Confabs of Manmohan Singh!

3. And of course, when Obama sneezes!  😀

b) One, we could blame for this recession?…

The idle brain which coined that word. Would you ask this question if you don’t find this word? 😉

c) A tree which never might face endangerment…

Binary Tree! 😆

d)  What might be the day when people celebrate by bursting crackers and taking Holy bath at rivers, all in a single day?…

Could be Environmental Day somewhere after 50 years! 😯

e) A crazy country which is difficult to understand?

India…. Where people build Temples for actresses and demolish if that was of Gods!  🙄


tagged-logoYippee! I’m tagged!! It’s been just little more than two weeks before my friend briefed this young little blogger – who hasn’t even passed his first fifty days(till date) in the blogosphere – about the rationale behind tagging and of course the meaning of it. Now, Priyanka has facilitated me for not to wait so long to get tagged which I have seen many senior bloggers yearn for!

I’m no alien to secrets and so as  secrets to me! So, an easier tag to start with is always good! Yeah, the tag is “unleash 10 secrets about myself”! Isn’t it an easy one for person like me who can maunder his secrets so fast than a kid recites his/her rhymes! Lemme come to tag! Here, you see the mysteries unravell!

[1] Thievish kid: I did maintain two separate progress reports through out my schoolings at 10th std, one, for the school, issued by the class teacher & signed by me and the other, for my home, issued and maintained by me & signed by my parents! None managed to discover that till the end!

[2] One Love: I’m in an one-sided-love with a girl for the past 15 years though we studied together right from kindergarten! The only love! And I never want to analyze as whether it is a puppy love or infatuation or whatever! *Forget this secret as soon as you encounter the next one *

[3] Movies: Yes, my parents till now are unaware of even a single movie which I went almost  every week-end in my college hostel life! They don’t prefer movies let alone watching in theatres!

[4] Payback-er: I have the habit to write down somewhere (Notebook in school days, Notepad in college days and nowadays cellphone) as what, who and when, to remind myself and prove them wrong, if someone wrongly and pointlessly criticizes me!

[5] A ten minute criminal: When, I along with my three friends stayed in a lodge to undergo in-plant training at Honeywell, police raided my room supposing that we kidnapped a minister’s daughter! Thanks to the Honeywell ID card which saved our torso from beatings!

[6] Entomophobiac: The largest living creature to which I’m not afraid of is the house fly! I had even slept on my house roof top bathroom for a whole night when a grasshopper entered inside the house while I happened to be alone on a rainy night!

[7] Crazy Commentator: One among my funny aspirations is to sit and hold the mike at the cricket commentary box! I practice by commenting myself whenever I play Cricket 07 in my computer which I play 2hrs daily at the least!

[8] Square Lover: I have a natural affinity towards any square-faced person! Even I wonder as why I’m so!

[9] The Author, Next: I have planned to author a book which has even been christened! 8-2-9! *Never mind to ask the reason, please!*

[10] Benignant Supplicant: Right from my childhood I’ve a habit of maintaining a pray-list which includes several hapless people whom I came across! Some people are even staying in the list for more than 10yrs since I never happened to meet them again to ensure if they got fine!

Mission Accomplished!! Now it’s my turn..

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ Whacky ♦♦ Gracelyne ♦♦ Tangerine ♦♦ Karthi ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦


Mr. Kapil Sibal –  the one name which often hit my ear drum when I tried to overhear the political gossips of my dad while I was still at the schooling even though barely did I know him then that he had obtained Master’s in Law from Harvard School – has been at the receiving end of some relatively modest criticisms from some dammit heads of opposition parties – which they often do whenever a proposal is brought in by the ruling government irrespective of whether it does good or not – ever since he proposed the idea of making the 10th grade exams optional. *oops, let this sentence end here!*

Well, even I’m not an ardent supporter of Mr. Kapil’s above said proposal. Though, the idea is not entirely to scrap the 10th grade exams but to make it optional, the politicians, as always, are making issues as if it has been implemented with immediate effect and without any treatments of educational adepts. If I had read correctly then his one of the lines in the statement was to let the exams not traumatise those students who will be pursuing their higher secondary school studies in the same institution. Does anywhere has he been quoted as saying if to scrap the earlier system to the core as Ms. J (as far as tamilnadu politicians are concerned) has been issuing statements?!? Hardly, could we blame Mr. K for not issuing any tit-for-tat statements as he would be often busy in framing plans to make his great grandson and/or yet-to-born great grandson enter his politically radical group!

Here goes my personal views about Mr. Kapil’s idea….. Firstly, I would wish to consider 10th grade exams as a utile precedent of the 12th grade exams rather than as one which takes both physical and mental toll of students’. But those which take toll are the tutions in the name of extra coaching to keep students’ mind occupied with the thoughts of science and maths all the time even after they head home from school and the added efforts by almost all school managements & some parents to frighten the little hearts as if it is the end of their road if they fail to score ample enough in exams. Also, by the way, one should not forget a section of the community who considers the 10th board exams as just their first experience before they appear for all-the-more important 12th board exams and take it in their own constructive way.

Going by the exact words of Mr. Kapil “The Indian education system which is marks-centered and examination-based is a source of trauma for both parents and children… knowledge, like everything else, should be user-friendly, and the acquisition of knowledge should not be a stressful exercise.” Well, if that’s his case then hasn’t the twelfth board exams been marks-centered !? Marks are just a criteria to rate students’ knowledge which will be tested by exams. If he demands modification then it should be in the pattern over which the examination papers are framed and not on the entire system over which exams are conducted. Can he name at least one exam be conducted without the involvement of the term ‘marks’ !? You should not wonder if one gets surprised if Mr.Kapil names one!

Even now several state run boards are there across this nation which hardly gives practical exposure to students till their 10th grade. With some boards giving practical exposure and others not weren’t the students been partisaned though choosing their board of study is not entirely their fault! None, even I, couldn’t say a person with high calibre like Mr. Kapil wouldn’t be wary of these things but as lieke many others it is the political knot which may keep him from acting in a more fervent way if he really feels the need for the change in our age old education system!

After James hurriedly parked his bike and rushed towards the man in yellow shirt, he passed his rifle to James. He made the crosswire point the red capped head and triggered the gun’s lever. Satisfied with his successful mission, James returned back wondering wheresoever he could publicly trigger a gun other than beach balloon shooting!

This is my first attempt in framing a 55 fiction. This may not be a proficient one but a testimony of a earnest attempt!

With the amount of 55 fiction stories I managed to find in the internet, I substantiate the following as the reasons for the popularity of 55 fiction stories!

1. Perpetrators who purposefully drag the recession towards vocabulary in the name of creativity for years! 😀

2. Some people who have a graciously will to toil hard to get 55 bucks instead of the myriad of bucks they are offered for free! 😀

3. Numerologists whose genes flawed by the mutating fiftyfivonesis are passing the 55-flu through generations without proper medication! 😀

Tell me to which of the above cases you belong if you are 55-fiction-writer, of course after reviewing my work!

It never did appear for me even in a wild dream that one day I would be begging for 2 rupees at a public place! But Indian Railways doomed me to roam for a mere flat and round metal piece on a fine cool evening at my town’s railway station.

Though my parents had often insisted me to carry some coins while I make my way out, I never listened to them as I barely realized the importance of those words until I met with the situation. Hardly, a week back, I happened to go to the railway station for reserving tickets for my bro and mom. As always I didn’t prefer to take some coins along with me since I simply considered those as some heavy pocket-pulling-weights. I was supposed to pay 82rs for 2 tickets but I had just a hundred rupees note in my purse to get those. I guess, by now, you might have gauged the situation where I was put in! Yes, as like it often happens in government buses the cold-hearted person incharge of the ticket counter demanded me to pay another two rupees to give my balance of 20rs. I pretended to search my pockets for two rupees though my reply after the make-believe search was going to be “Sorry sir, I don’t have the change” hoping he wouldn’t force me further. Soon after my reply I came to realise that the incharge didn’t know tamil but only hindi. So, I started to argue with him in butler english but that too ended not in my favor. He was firm in his stand. Poor me, prayed him to at least give my ten rupees so that I can ask for change somewhere at the platform stalls. He did give and I got that by heartily cursing him by all the words that I’m aware of as bad ones.

Unfortunately, even the platform-stall-keepers and two wheeler parking-keepers lied me as if they didn’t eyed a two rupee coin the whole day. Frustrated me, went to an auto driver to help my cause. Though he was initially reluctant to help me, he at least paid heed for what I need that 2 rupees. Later, he just gave me a two rupee coin for free as he couldn’t find enough change for my 10rs. I was initially unwilling to get from him as I knew I could hardly find him once again at the same place to reimburse my due. Hence, I decided to ‘buy’ that 2 rupee coin for my 10rs which I’m sure would have made the by-standers think as if I had gone crazy. I wouldn’t have bought that 2 rupees for free from him if that gracious man had accepted my deal.

I just wished him some 100 thanks since I didn’t manage to find a way to give something I owed him. My legs started to walk stead fast towards the counter incharge to give those coins before the moron tend to forget me. After I got those two tickets, I raced back towards the auto stand to wish the driver another thanks but the empty space there struck my cerebrum to remind me that auto drivers are one of the busiest creatures in this planet. I started to walk towards the place where I parked my bike with my thoughts running as how I did curse many auto drivers who demanded extra money, earlier. I was wondering how should one identify good-hearted and cold-hearted ones just from their looks. Still, I wonder, how am I going to settle my due.

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